michael burton


'The Race
shown at the Royal College of Art summer exhibition, June 2007

Future Farm
shown at the Royal College of Art summer
exhibition, June 2007

'The Great Exhibition Flies have hatched!
shown at the Royal College of Art summer exhibition, June 2007
See them here before release

Picnic 2007
29/09/07 The Race was presented at Picnic event, Amsterdam



2009 Freeze exhibition at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts where my work is exhbited

Tackling Obesities
17/10/07 launch of work at the RSA, created for Foresight, Government Office for Science on tackling a future obesity epidemic


Institute for Advanced Studies
06 & 07/12/07 The Race was presented to the IAS at Lancaster University as part of a two day conference on Proximities and New Sciences of Protection

16 - 23/11/08 Biotech Art
I joined 14 other artists and designers on a Biotech Art Workshop led by Oron Catts (Symbiotica), Jens Hauser, Katharine Adcroft (scientist) and i/o/lab in Stavanger, Norway
(image by James King)

02 - 05/08 The Race and Nanotopia will be shown at MoMA in 'Design and the Elastic Mind'

from 09/02/10 - The Race and new works will be exhibited in the windows of the Wellcome Trust, Euston Road, London.
2008 Publications featuring a number of my works over the year
07/10/09 New Work exhibited in the What If... show Hit the Headlines featuring in the Irish Times, Independent, Examiner, Daily Mirror and on the front page of the Metro newspaper.
10/09 - 03/10 Origins of Life is a collaborative project where I'll work with Terence Kee, Astrobiologist at University of Leeds, the Royal College of Art, EPSRC and NESTA.

15/03/10 - Astronomical Bodies exhibited at The Royal College of Art as part of the Impact show, funded by the EPSRC and NESTA.

09 - 13/06/10 - Astronomical Bodies will be exhibited at the Cheltenham Science Festival.
More details to follow...

09/02/10 - The Wellcome Trust window exhibit opened. It featured in the press including on the New Scientist website.
Image: Wellcome Trust

20/10/09 Memento Mori In Vitro is exhibited at the London College of Fashion galleries.

30/10/08 Human Futures Symposium at FACT Liverpool where I spoke to coincide with the launch of the Human Futures book edited by Andy Miah
(image by Andy Miah)
11/02/10 - 14/03/10 Nanotopia will feature in the Experimenta, International Biennial of Media Art called Utopia Now at the Black Box, Arts Centre, Melbourne, Australia.
11/12/09 Origins in the Bakery was exhibited in 'Use Your Loaf' bakery in Greenwich, London as the first phase of my Origins of Life project.
19/11/09 New projects presented at a Nanotechnology and Art conference at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Collège of France
15-30/11/08 Future Farm and Nanotopia shown at Saint-Etienne International Biennale

10/09 What if..... at the Science Gallery, Dublin,where my work will be exhibited


03-08/09/09 Human Nature exhibition at Ars Electronica 09, where my work was exhibited alongside International Artists exploring technology and human nature.

07/09 I joined the
iGEM Crash Course in Synthetic Biology at Cambridge University

08/10/09 New work at the What If ... exhibition Hits the Headlines featuring in the Irish Times, Independent, Examiner, Daily Mirror and on the front page of the Metro.

06/06 - 11/07/10 - Nanotopia on Tour with Experimenta Utopia Now exhibition in Australia. The first stop will be the Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland. More details of future venues to follow...

09-13/06/10 - Astronomical Bodies and new works from the project were exhibited at Cheltenham Science Festival. Thanks to everyone who came to see the work and for sharing your thoughts with myself and Katie (Origins of Life Science Team).

7,8th & 14,15th May
A collaborative project After Agri by Michael Burton & Michiko Nitta will be shown at Dulwich Festival. For further information, please contact us at michiko.nitta@network.rca.ac.uk & michael.burton@network.rca.ac.uk
2010 - Work is featured in new book called British Design written by Hugh Aldersey-Williams, produced by the Museum of Modern Art, New York (MoMA). "A story of british design, told through works selected from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art."

02/08/10 - Astronomical Bodies with new additions is on exhibition in the windows of the Wellcome Trust on Euston Road, London.


07- 08/05/11 & 14-15/05/11 -
Algaculture from the After Agri series will be shown in an open studio exhibition. We look forward to sharing new collaborative work by Michael Burton & Michiko Nitta, at the Dulwich Art Festival. Please contact us for further info.

11/2010 - 03/2011 - Future Farm was exhibted in Belgium at CIAP, Centre for Contemporary Art, in the show called Harder, Better,Faster, Stronger
2011 - I was invited to speak at Trinity Laban, London and lead a discussion on interdisciplinary creative practices. Thanks to all who joined and contributed to the great discussions.
2011 - I was keynote speaker at a symposium called Construct: Body in Flux at Southampton Solent University. Special thanks to Donna, Sharon and Andrew.
12/05/11 - 19/06/11 - The tour of Experimenta's, Utopia Now, throughout Australia that features my work, continues to the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery.
2011 -My work is now exhibited at MoMA in their permanent collection galleries.
05/2011 - New Work called Shadow Biosphere & Algaculture, made in collaboration with Michiko Nitta was launched in our open exhibition. Thanks to the many visitors who entered our cabinet of new organisms and bioremediation.
28/09/11 - 17/10/11 - Work will be exhibited at the National Museum of China within the Beijing International Design Triennial.

01/09/2011 - 06/09/2011 - Astronomical Bodies will be exhibited at Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria.

Visit the project here

05/08/2011 - 03/10/2011 - Nanotopia travels to MONA gallery in Tasmania, Australia for Experimenta's final exhibition of the Utopia Now exhibition

2011 -
Astronomical Bodies moves to the collection galleries at the Ars Electronica Centre, Linz, Austria


New work called Whose Who is premiered at the
Trying Forms exhibition at Testbed1, Battersea, London

New work, The Republic of Salivation and Algaculture from my collaborative project with Michiko Nitta is created for forthcoming exhibition at Stroom Den Haag Gallery, NL.

15/01/2012 - 01/04/2012
The Feast After Agri, a collaborative project with Michiko Nitta, comprising of new work called The Republic of Salivation and Algaculture has opened in Food Forward, Stroom Den Haag gallery, the Netherlands. Thanks to all who supported us along the way!