future farm

Future Farm predicts that the emerging pharmaceutical research in harvesting adult stem cells from fat tissues and its convergence with future nanotechnologies, will bring with it scenarios that reconsider the body as income.

We live in a world where industries exist to offer financial rewards for those willing to sell a kidney or produce hair to beautify others. Industries have grown to facilitate transplant tourism as a result of the success of contemporary surgery. And scientific and technological advances continue to bring new possibilities for the practice of farming the body.

Do we really have a choice in our future?

How will future technologies indirectly influence the evolution of the body in certain social-economic extremes?

What circumstances would it take to reconsider your body as a source of income?



Wendy Albiston as Woman
Cymon Snow as Man
Gemma Layton as Beth Hammond
Louise Ashcroft as Newsreader
Special thanks to: Jeff Easter, Revital Cohen, Fiona Raby, Tony Dunne, Nina Pope, Tim Olden, James Auger, Samantha Lacey, LABAN