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The biopilia clinic and the future NHS

The clinic and the biophilia movement offers an alternative healthcare practice specific to our animal origins. It aims to break the cycle of a cure culture and a biophobic distanced behaviour.

Precursors of the widespread rollout of the biophilia movement and acceptance into mainstream healthcare began with the realisation that we cannot be reduced to our genomic code. As the human genome project deciphered in the early 21st century, we are complex bacteria and microbal hybrids. A delicately balanced ecological superorganism with our own specific microbiota of commensal flora. Microbes in our bodies outnumber our own cells ten to one. New species of microbes are being discovered each time we look closer at our bodies. Microbial ecosystems relate directly to our human environments.

The second precursor came when the NHS revitalised its maggot and leech therapies, as a more effective contemporary medical practice in healing wounds and reconstructive surgery blood circulation.